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Father: A Man Of Words


What a rain. Terengganu is been cold for days. Not icy-cold though. It's just 25-28°C. Wet but refreshing indeed. This is one of the hidden ni'mah that we should be grateful for.

Back to the title, yes, it is all about a man of words - a father.

When I was a kid, I took an image of myself as an average kid that is not-so-rebellious, but extremely independent and love to do everything on my whim. In other word, I dislike the fact that my parents, father especially, get the full control on my life and my future without realizing that I am just a 3 or 4-years-old brat.

Since then, father already appointed to each of his kids, what they have to be in their future. For example, Abang to be a magistrate, me to be an accountant, Fakrul to be like this, Bibi to be a doctor and Adik to be like that.

Regardless, we are all now deviate so much from the his expectations. We strive on our own path of excellence.

The Internet Incident

Hard to admit, but I couldn't help depending too much on internet. What to do, it's the most reachable source of information after all. For the time being, at least.

Father knew that I love baking and cooking. And whenever I bake or cook something new, I told him that I get the recipe from the internet. There is one time, I don't know how sayur kailan looks like (my bad), I searched for it on the net. I told him, so this is sayur kailan.

A lot of things happen after that, it's all because of me that always persuade him to find the solution online. Before I realized, my trend of 'sikit-sikit internet' gets prolonged until he sensed something disturbing.

"Kakak ni, sikit-sikit internet. Sikit-sikit internet. Nanti jangan sampai cari jodoh dalam internet sudah. Ayah tak nak."

I just give him a grin as usual. But not after the next sentence.

"When you found someone later (you-know-who), I'll put him under three-months 'probation'. Just to see how good he is. I took care of you since you were born until now, and I won't let you 'slipped' easily on other people's hand. You might knowing him for 2 or 3 years, but I recognized my kids for the rest of their lives."

At first, I was speechless, and a deep feeling running through each of cells in my heart . Smell of nagging? No. It's a smell of protection. Trust me.

Undoubtedly, father, is a competent word-piercing jutsu user. No need to elaborate more on this, I guess you're way better than me in 'decoding' it. That is my father, my hero. He is the man of word.

He's A Father After All

Of course, as a father, he surely has got a lot to shoulder on. From his workplace, to his home. In some people views, they might see that fathers have little or no significant and apparent touch on their children's daily life.

Fathers couldn't care less than moms do when it comes to several things; for example by simply watching them doing their school works or grooming them before going out.

Yes, in this case it is true. Moms tend to do all the 'petty' stuffs, leaving behind the fathers as an 'independent' entity in a family institution. A title of a father just seemingly means by going to work and get some earnings, then come back home and check that everybody is okay and everything works out properly.

And that is an utter no! Fathers just don't show it as moms do.

Now, I'm all grown up. I'm not that naive to not understand every bits of his word. Father is your hero. Have faith in him. I believe that different father have different kind of kids, and for sure a different word to say. Don't take his word for granted. He might be overprotective (especially to his daughters), but bear with it. It's the fathers nature.

Speaking of which - being a father, not just a father but the best father is a man of word. Word of wisdom. He has a lot to say to his children. Don't you think so?

Yes, he is. And he must to.

P/s: jutsu = a ninja technique. Hyperbolic term. For those who is in the same boat with me (a Naruto freak), knowing this terminology is a must. Hehe. :D

P/p/s: Husband-to-be, hopefully, you've man enough to be a good father. Take after your father (only the good side, please) and don't be scared with my father's 'sweet threat'. He's just testing you. Might be teasing too. I don't know. Hehe. By the way, who are you again?

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