Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

Three Random Murmurs

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem ~

I seldom write about my personal life in this blog. Today's post is just a random event and thoughts that keep lingering in my head. Sometimes I find that it is healthy to vomit everything you feel on a single paper. It's okay to put on written words rather than conversing with others. It soothe my over-saturated brain.

1. Oil plunge

I worked in O&G sector. In the state of current market, I am anxiously keeping track of the oil price everyday. Economic turmoil - or whatever they call it. There had been 2 years in a row without salary increment. And this has been bugging me a lot lately. Well, actually it's a blessing in disguise for the mass. The industry should adapt to a new system where cheap oil at cheap cost in the future. At least that's what I have been thinking.

2. Invitations

Wedding invitations has continued to flow in. My close friends are gradually settling down with their respective spouses. I truly congratulate them for their marriage. I was genuinely happy. I got another wedding card today, from a guy. There was a quite interesting story about this guy. I knew him from a professional networking site and we changed each other's cellphone number. I thought it's just for the sake of getting better job opportunities (at least for me), but apparently for him, it was not.

The moment he got my number, he called me. I did not pick up. I do not entertain a stranger's call. Most importantly, I have no idea on what sort of conversation will came up afterwards. We end up chatting on Whatsapp instead. We discussed mostly on work-related matters. Only boring and serious matters were on the plate. Well, I thought I had just portrayed myself as a cold person hence he will stop texting me. Guess what, he was persistent. He kept texting even though it's just a mere "Hi". Or this...

Guy: "I am in KL. Just touch down from Labuan. I'm thinking of you."

Me: "...."

Guy: "Let's meet up."

Me: "I'm sorry, I don't hang out with strangers."

I never went 'doki doki' to him ever since my first encounter. Which I can conclude that I have no special feeling towards him. He keep sending me messages; during Hari Raya and other festive season. I copied whatever people forwarded during that time, and send back to him. Guess the cold shoulder treatment worked, he stop texting me. This lasted for half and a year.

Unexpectedly, I got a text from this guy this morning. It was an invitation to his wedding. Glad he'd found his bride. I'm sorry. I don't know why, I feel bad for turning down people even though it's not a crime. 

3. Changing job

It has been almost 4 years I've worked in the same company after graduating from uni. I need some new challenge to work on yet I was so petrified to move on. I am in need of new experience. But the current situation doesn't light so much hope to fulfill my wishes. Oil price is tumbling down every single day. I adored my current workplace due to its flexibility. On top of that, I'll be missing some good friends here. All of them were good people even though you can't avoid a little flaw here and there.

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