Sabtu, 17 Disember 2016

The Power of Redho


He is the ultimate planner after all. I must open my inner sight for all this blessings. It's really a blessing in disguise. I knew that I will thank Allah later but sometimes I cannot control my emotion. My strength seems to slip away. I used to be resilient. I thought I was hardened by all the hardship that I've endured but not this time.

Well, it is said that if you put enough pressure to a black, hardened graphite; it might turns out as a sparkling diamond over time. I believe a humble God's servant worth more than a diamond in His' eyes.

Speaking of time zone...yeah. We are all set in a unique time zone. According to our limited and flawed plans, we think it's time, but apparently not. We got despair and confused, and start asking why. We tend to forget that Allah already crafted a beautiful story for each of us. Beautiful or not, it lies in the eyes of beholder. It's the way we embrace every single event that occur in our life.

The pain from a freshly wounded soul will eventually turn to a proud battle scar. Not a leaf does fall but by His knowledge. Everything happens for a reason. And everything will fall into place soon. 

This too will pass. Insya-Allah. 



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