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Escaping The Rat Race

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem ~

Sometimes, whenever I felt so tired from work, I wish that I could quit my job, living in a kampong or abroad maybe. Living a simple life, raise animals and gardens a few shrubs of edible greens for everyday meal. Fresh air, less vehicle, less sound pollution. Minimal electronic gadgets, a TV should be okay. Internet is fine, as long as I shut down all my social media accounts. I am free from people's expectations. And no longer need to impress anyone. I wish I could have that.

I genuinely envied people who told stories how they retreat to a remote place, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. In the very beginning, I never fancied of living in a city. Being secluded from the ever-growing civilization is one of my life goal. Guess I've been too fascinated by 'Escape To The Country' and 'Buying The Rockies' show on TV lately.

What will it takes to live a simple life in this materialistic world? Groceries price hike almost everyday. You'll need gas to fuel your vehicles and cook your dinner. To make a decent living today would drive out the sanity in every person's life right now. Everyone is working their ass off just to pay bills and stuff! I started to wonder, do we need to do everything that others did? Do we need to surrender to every stereotypes that the world had 'set'? Are we still ignorant?

Does beautiful is defined by having a fair skin?
Does successful is defined by having a high-paying job?
Does intelligence is determined by the number of degrees that ones hold?
Does wealth is measured by how much property that they could buy?
Does happiness is earned by getting married?

These are some of the daily 'offense' that makes me sick and want to escape the race so bad. We are all in the race, too bad, unknowingly.

Escape plan #1: Stop comparing

The ultimate reason behind this never-ending race is because; we compare our lives with each other. We scrolled our social medias, seeing things that will trigger the panic button inside each of us. We start questioning God. Why I am not lucky like them? This is when the chain reaction starts. Everyone is rushing to show their awesome life to public, when the reality is not like what you think. The thirst of instant fame and sense to be acknowledged by strangers on social media is spreading like a disease.

When those unnecessary questions pop out of our minds, we always want more. We forget to be grateful for what we have. People on the internet only show the beautiful side of their life. You'll never know their dirty little secrets that they're hiding from you. Yet, you feel so discouraged by their vacation photos, dine in a fancy restaurants, showing off their birthday prizes, screenshot of their cute and romantic conversation with their partners and yada yada yada.

Secret of happiness - stop comparing, be grateful. Do your own work. You might be nobody to other people, but keep in mind that you are somebody to your family and your loved ones.

Escape plan #2: Shut down/lessen on-screen time

I've tried quite a number of times abstaining myself from my social medias (FB, Instagram, blogs still manageable). It only last for a few week, say maximum 3 weeks. I started to itch and wonder, how much notification will I get. The urge to peek at those accounts was real, finally I end up seeing them once again. My mind start to clutter again from the internet crowd. Too much BS as usual. But I miss my cat therapy on IG though. Cat is life, cat is love.

Escape plan #3: Prepare for an early retirement

I never bother to retire before because I love my job so much. Until that moment, this one guy had knocked some sense to my thinking landscape. Honestly, I am too comfortable with my current state. I saved a portion of my monthly wage, had my Hajj registered and savings, a decent health insurance plan and a growing EPF account. I thought I'd be happy with that.

I had a thought of doing some side business...but nah. I am just not into it. Buy-and-rent business in real estate industry is the easiest way of getting passive income that had the talk of the town nowadays. However, my view is different. A home is a basic necessity of a human being. Why it should be on trade as a commodity? People can get real nasty when it comes to money. They get all greedy and cocky. Poor housing price regulation. The rich gets richer, the poor will get harder to live a life.

On investment, yes, I think I'll stick to this option. Need to study on some financial instruments like unit trust alike. I am considering myself to be a freelance translator as well, so that I have a livable income. You don't need so much money to live minimally.

But first, debt-free plan. And now, my head is spinning like a top.

Challenge #1: Guilty conscience

Yeah, this is the hardest part of all. At some point, it seems like running away from responsibilities. I know that, and will always know that each of us carry our own mission since we were born. As a Muslim, I believe that we are the caliphs on this earth. We are here for some reason. To benefit the mankind, of course.

That sense of guilt somehow makes me like I have a purpose in life - to educate people through my writings.

Running away won't solve problems. A small step will lead to a bigger change, I always believe in that. As a fellow citizen, I cannot neglect problems that occur in my home country. For the sake of my future generation, we must ensure that we eradicate all cancerous politicians. This country is in instant need of a fresh leadership.

Challenge #2: Level of readiness

To plan is easy, to commence and stick with the plan is challenging. I tend to get intimidated easily. Like a child trapped in a body of an adult. Sometimes I have a carefree attitude towards life.

Last but not least

My writings tonight is basically for my own record, how I feel with my life currently. Thanks for reading.

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