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Parents, Don't Say Mean Things To Your Kids

Enjoy this story, taken from a life experience of a friend of mine. He was my good friend, a childhood friend, who is my next-door neighbor for a long, long time ago. I never met him since several years ago, I hope he's in the pink of health. I've taken this story from his website. (unfortunately, the account was inactive for quite a period, and deleted by the provider).

Are you a father or a mother? Are you parents? Then this thing that I want to share might be useful to you.
            Well, in my childhood years, I feel that I’m not a favored child. I don’t know why, but my innocence and intuition feel that way. Including me, there are five members in the family. My siblings are three. It’s not that I’m offending against my parents, actually in this early adult life; I’m more favored than others, though.
            The one incident that occurred in my childhood life was when we’re going back from the beach, exactly in front of the house residency. My father was a policeman, so on that time we live in the police’s barracks. There were only three of us; me, my brother and my little brother. When my parents were waiting to cross the road, despite of them were holding our hands tightly, my brother suddenly went ahead and cross the road without thinking about the traffic on that time. It was late in evening, and I was about 3 years old, I guess. My brother is just two years older than me.
            Then, when he suddenly run ahead of us, my parents couldn’t do anything but to stand in extreme shock. They just stood up like mannequin. I saw there were one van from my left and a car from the right. Thank God, my brother just collapsed, nothing happen to him. Both of the vehicles made their emergency brakes just in the nick of time. My brother was only suffering from shock, which was the doctor, said.
            But poor me, I am the one that been blamed for that incident. Why??? I really do not understand, I was only 3! I really love my mum, no offense. But I couldn’t stand when that thing happen. That was the first time my mum said to me in heavy tears, “It’s your entire fault!”
            Sigh, I bet my parents never thought that I still remember the day of the ‘mean’ words. And that was my mum. For the second time, is when my father went to grocery, to buy candles for my birthday cake. I went with him, too. Unfortunately, on our way to back home, the motorcycle that we rode just won’t start. My father upset, and without hesitate he said, “This is your fault!”
            What the hell? When I grew up, sometimes my tears started to fall remembering those days. Yes, that was only a long, long time ago. Maybe I might be too forceful to my parents in the childhood days, but as parents, you knew well that you shouldn’t say mean things to your kids. Especially children, they still have a good memories, you shouldn’t filled it with bad things, as I had gone through.
            Some of you maybe thinking, that was only a minor case. But for me and for others that still having this discrimination in the family, this can be heart-breaking memories. I studied very hard to get acknowledged by my parents, and to think that I am freed from this, is only when I get straight A’s for my PMR. I really wonder why this happen to me.
            Now, what’s happening is the turning event. My siblings started jealous with me. I don’t want to admit it, but I am the smartest child in the family. Even so, I never get rewarded by anything when I succeeded in exams or anything. It’s not that I really want them to reward me, but at least, I envied those who’s their parents promised to give various things if they succeed. Nah, I don’t care anymore.
            I might never know what they are thinking, unless I have given a chance to be a parent. No doubt, I really love them to death, no matter what. I am grateful to be born into the family. But just one thing I want to say, be extremely careful with what you want to say to your kids, you’ll never know that you’ll hurt them in entire of their lives.

P/s: watch your words. Sometimes you'll never know that your words eventually kills a person. Silence is the better option.

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