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Email Enquiry: Motivation

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem ~

Today's blog post is regarding one enquiry from Anis, that originated from my mailbox. Thank you for reaching me out. After a long thought, I decided to publish my answers to my dear reader in a blog post. I hope that it will benefit others as well.

My reply as follow (it's a longgg reply):


Dear Anis,

Thanks for dropping by. Firstly, Alhamdulillah that you have been selected to continue your first degree in chemistry, when a lot of people is wailing for not getting any spot in IPTAs. Be grateful for every single thing that came across your path.

Mine was...never easy. I never dream of being a chemist in my life. I always love biology and physics. Chemistry was not my preference to be honest. My late father insisted for me to pursue medicine when I was itching to take on engineering course. I just obey him, took sains hayat during my matrics (1 year program). Alhamdulillah, I aced the 1st semester. But on the 2nd semester, I suffered with depression, hence I don't study much. In fact, I cannot focus on my lessons, which leads to no interest in studying at all.

So the final CGPA wasn't in favor for me to pursue medicine. Having said that, apparently my CGPA still qualified for other critical courses. Tried my best though, but Allah's plan is way better for me. And I realize that I have to be thankful for what I am now.

Due to my foundation studies have nothing to do with physics subject, I do not dare to take engineering course. Persistent enough that I still longing for health-related courses like biomedical or pharmaceutical studies. Applied to various institution, but my top favorite at that time is USM. And alhamdulillah again, I was accepted to enroll my first degree in USM.

Then comes the real challenge; I was accepted in USM, but not in my preferred course. I was offered something else, never applied to it. It was a major in Computer Modelling, taught under School of Mathematical Sciences. The world had betrayed me, I guess. Not knowing of what precisely need to decide, I was profoundly lost. My vision blurred. Dark days ahead of me.

Nonetheless, eventually I marked my first footprint on the island's soil. I learnt to accept my fate. Maybe this is the best for me. However, during the hectic orientation week, I received a phone call from a company whom I applied for a scholarship. Months before, it was just a phone interview, we had a nice chat. And now, they want me to attend a face-to-face interview. I was told that if the interview successful, I will be enrolling my study in UTP. Deep inside, I released a long, weary sigh.

Life is so full of choices. A constant battle within self, struggling and juggling fate by making decisions. I cannot put my life at stake by 'jumping' universities. I cannot afford to waste any resource, be it money or time. Politely declined their offer, I succumbed  to my own bitter decision. Overwhelmed, I just declined a lifetime offer.

Well, life must go on. First semester, freshmen year. It didn't went well. I almost give up studying things that I don't like. Second semester, even worse. I have to do something. I need to change the direction of my sail. It's way off the wind! I prayed to Allah for guidance.

At last, I was determined to change my course. I made some calculations on the fees incurred if I changed to another major. Would-it-be-feasible-to-secure-a-job-after-graduation also a main factor that weighs the decision. I need to project the work pool and market up to 3 to 4 years in advance. Another contributing factor, work-life balance. Even though I never been in any professional job yet, I have to put that into consideration as well.

My strength lingers around creativity, imagination, logic and the degree of impact. Now I am down to two schools in my mind. I was thinking to be an interior designer (School of Housing, Building & Planning or HBP) or a chemist (School of Chemical Sciences or PPSK). After doing research with some friends from HBP school, I don't think I can endure sleeping in studio for a week. Long working hours is not something that I adore.

Frankly, I enjoyed seeing friends from PPSK. I always love a meaningful experiment. I always dream of giving back to the society by doing high-impact research. Searching for something that can build your nation even more powerful. Yes, it's seems like a wishful thinking. But my intention was genuinely pure. I knew back then, I finally have an answer.

I started by filling the necessary. In order to make sure that my wish is granted, I gathered my courage to meet the Dean of the school. I told him everything and show my eagerness of joining his school. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted. The next semester, process begins anew. New school, new friends and most importantly, new stuff to learn! Yeay!

University was a one-of-kind place for me. It taught me to be resilient at any times. You have to be strong, no matter what happens. It's okay to cry sometimes. But you have to chin up afterwards. Do not let sadness and sorrow engulf you. These temporary tests will build a strong foundation within yourself. Working life is even 'cruel'.

I am not sure how motivating my story is, but I do hope that you will never stop trying for a better future. Always pray to Allah, beg for His blessings and mercy. We are nothing without His mercy. Always be thankful. Ask your parents to make du'a for you. InsyaAllah, He will open up paths to ease up our journey.


Bukit Subang, 24th Aug 2016 @ 10.59 PM

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