Sabtu, 15 Julai 2017

Something about life...

My trip to SG during last January

Couple of days ago, I texted a friend - an ex colleague of mine. If it wasn't due to some kind of strange dream about him, I wouldn't dare to text him. Apparently, my senior colleague also had the same dream which gave us quite a goosebump. He wore the same white shirt in our dreams, was somewhere near mountains and appeared to be speechless. I chuckled a bit the moment my senior told that the dream was ominous in her customary. Something bad might happen.

Sabtu, 17 Disember 2016

The Power of Redho


He is the ultimate planner after all. I must open my inner sight for all this blessings. It's really a blessing in disguise. I knew that I will thank Allah later but sometimes I cannot control my emotion. My strength seems to slip away. I used to be resilient. I thought I was hardened by all the hardship that I've endured but not this time.

Well, it is said that if you put enough pressure to a black, hardened graphite; it might turns out as a sparkling diamond over time. I believe a humble God's servant worth more than a diamond in His' eyes.

Speaking of time zone...yeah. We are all set in a unique time zone. According to our limited and flawed plans, we think it's time, but apparently not. We got despair and confused, and start asking why. We tend to forget that Allah already crafted a beautiful story for each of us. Beautiful or not, it lies in the eyes of beholder. It's the way we embrace every single event that occur in our life.

The pain from a freshly wounded soul will eventually turn to a proud battle scar. Not a leaf does fall but by His knowledge. Everything happens for a reason. And everything will fall into place soon. 

This too will pass. Insya-Allah. 



Ahad, 23 Oktober 2016

Escaping The Rat Race

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem ~

Sometimes, whenever I felt so tired from work, I wish that I could quit my job, living in a kampong or abroad maybe. Living a simple life, raise animals and gardens a few shrubs of edible greens for everyday meal. Fresh air, less vehicle, less sound pollution. Minimal electronic gadgets, a TV should be okay. Internet is fine, as long as I shut down all my social media accounts. I am free from people's expectations. And no longer need to impress anyone. I wish I could have that.

I genuinely envied people who told stories how they retreat to a remote place, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. In the very beginning, I never fancied of living in a city. Being secluded from the ever-growing civilization is one of my life goal. Guess I've been too fascinated by 'Escape To The Country' and 'Buying The Rockies' show on TV lately.

What will it takes to live a simple life in this materialistic world? Groceries price hike almost everyday. You'll need gas to fuel your vehicles and cook your dinner. To make a decent living today would drive out the sanity in every person's life right now. Everyone is working their ass off just to pay bills and stuff! I started to wonder, do we need to do everything that others did? Do we need to surrender to every stereotypes that the world had 'set'? Are we still ignorant?

Rabu, 24 Ogos 2016

Email Enquiry: Motivation

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem ~

Today's blog post is regarding one enquiry from Anis, that originated from my mailbox. Thank you for reaching me out. After a long thought, I decided to publish my answers to my dear reader in a blog post. I hope that it will benefit others as well.

My reply as follow (it's a longgg reply):


Dear Anis,

Thanks for dropping by. Firstly, Alhamdulillah that you have been selected to continue your first degree in chemistry, when a lot of people is wailing for not getting any spot in IPTAs. Be grateful for every single thing that came across your path.

Mine was...never easy. I never dream of being a chemist in my life. I always love biology and physics. Chemistry was not my preference to be honest. My late father insisted for me to pursue medicine when I was itching to take on engineering course. I just obey him, took sains hayat during my matrics (1 year program). Alhamdulillah, I aced the 1st semester. But on the 2nd semester, I suffered with depression, hence I don't study much. In fact, I cannot focus on my lessons, which leads to no interest in studying at all.

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