Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015

Becoming Successfully Shy


I was scrolling down my LinkedIn page past few days and stumbled upon a quite interesting article by Shell about this lady. She was an IT manager at Shell and I was truly inspired by her story. She's just plainly shy, not an introvert, which contradicts with myself. I can be both shy and introvert at the same time. Sometimes not shy at all hahaha. I'm still hoping that I can write a good blog post in the future. Today's story is just a sheer copy. Hope you can enjoy.

{Hari ni ada mood nak update blog tapi malas nak translate. Hu hu}

Becoming Successfully Shy - Mary's Story

Mary’s struggle with shyness came to a head during a virtual meeting about a new IT process launch. Was extra testing essential or could the process go live without it? Mary was adamant that there should be additional testing, but instead of calmly raising her concern she allowed her shyness to get the better of her. Mary uncharacteristically blurted out her objection.

Mary explains: “I needed to be the one to intervene. Terrified, my objection came out all blurty: ‘We can’t go live. We haven’t done enough testing. No!’”

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