Ahad, 6 Februari 2011

There Goes A Dad's Advice About Facebook

When I was chit-chatting with families on a black-out day, suddenly the topic changed into this facebook-thingy issue.

The earlier chit-chat was expounding on a childhood friend of mine, a primary-school boy whom I never met since 15 years ago. But apparently I bumped into him in facebook.

I named this guy as 'K'.

So, my mom asked in astonishment, "How come you found his facebook? 15 years is not a short period."

"Oh, I've uploaded a photo when I was in standard one. Then, one of my friend tagged all of the people on the photo to their facebook. That's how it goes, mom." I replied.

The not-so-huge-but-cozy living room went silent for a few moment until my dad voiced out.

He sounded like opening a facebook account. His statement really scared me to death.

'OMG, daddy's gonna have a facebook? I bet he's gonna add me to his friends' list. And that's for sure!' I mumbled.

No, I'm totally wronged. He's not having a facebook account. Just clearing his curiosity about this and that.

Dad said, "I want you guys to be extremely careful on facebook. There's a lot of criminal cases linked to this facebook thing. Especially you, kakak. I heard many women was cheated. One case that I knew, a Malaysian women received a parcel from her UK-male-facebook friend. I'm not so sure what he's sending, but the women got a call from the customs saying that she's receiving an about 20-kilos of parcel, shipped from UK. They'll gonna checked that parcel before releasing it to her. The women scared, and make a police report. I suspected that was a parcel of drugs."

I gulped. That's scary. Yes, I knew some Malaysian women was trapped as drug carrier and unintentionally being a drug smuggler to other countries.

"Hmm. I'm not entertaining any strangers, dad. It's just for nearest friends and family." I tried to assure dad's anxiousness.

Facebook can be a killing tool, or a peace-spreading media; depending on how you use it. Be wise, do not let yourself in huge mess like the lady.

Lets pray together, may Allah protects us from all these evil deeds. InshaAllah.

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