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Malaysian Islamic Anime, Arts And Comics

Assalamualaikum. Final exams is just around the corner. But sometimes, you don't even have the heart to study at all. Okay. Stuffing this blog with some cool and new infos might be just great. Huu. Sorry for keep updating in English recently.

I need some time and good material in order to write a nice and long interesting article for you guys. And do you know, writing in English can increase your blog's traffic besides brushing up your second language? You know, since this language is widely used by the whole universe, there is no surprise when people throughout the world is searching for some hot keywords. Especially in English.

Okay, enough with the bluff. Let's get back to the topic.

Well, my previous entry about Muslim Manga, Cartoon And Arts before had really caught the readers' attention quite a lot. Thank you for your support!

Introducing three of them (for the time being, because I couldn't find anymore than this), three group of young muslims that endeavor in their creativity as being a part of da'awah. MashaAllah. Their arts are superb and astonishingly exquisite!

I couldn't find any further info on this group. Freelancers maybe. However, take a peek on this!



Subhanallah! Oh mom, I wanna get married! Haha!

Pay them a visit and a like on their Facebook fanpage:

Brotherhood Arts

I think this one is a quite famous group. They did sell their own merchandises of the artwork. Based on Kuala Lumpur, they are trying to deliver the true image of Islam in to you in a totally different way...colorful way! (actually this is their tagline. hehe.)

Stuffies rubber keychain

Rubber keychain

Their official website:

alwanPelangi Studio

This is my favorite. The cartoon characters are so cute and adorable. Plus, I fell in love with one of the comics, which entitled Potret Zaujahku (my wife's potrait). This version is in Bahasa, and another version is in English. The first time I read the comic strip, eyes suddenly shed a tear. Tear of excitement after reading such a cute and sweet story! Anyway, please read this comic!

Below is the print screen of their blog:

After reading the comic strip of 'My Wife's Potrait', same caption appear in my mind: Oh mom, I wanna get married! Haha!

Pay them a visit and follow :

P/s: when you reach 23, feeling of getting married will continuously 'haunting' your life. The word 'haunting' maybe too hyperbolic, or am I just being the 'ulat bulu dah naik daun'? Haha. Just ignore the unnecessary bluffing. Enjoy! :)

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