Selasa, 5 April 2011

How To Control Your Anger

Salam alayk. I'm running out of idea on posting new entries lately. A lot of stuff needs to be settled off. You know, being a final semester's student is not easy. Yes for you, but not for me. Maybe.

I don't know why, but I felt so irritated with a few people. Feeling want to scream and yell straight away, but nope. I'm not that kind of person.

Maybe I'm too soft-hearted. They don't even have that kind of respect. At least, be sensitive to others. Your insensitivity to others may lead other people feel jerky to you. You got that? Jerky. I'm sorry for using nasty word here.

But still, after giving them a few hints on how I hate the way they acting, they just still don't get it. Arggghh. O Lord, please tell them. Unfortunately, I'm don't have the nerve to scold them off. I can't let my anger on people or I'll end up blaming myself later on.

I've done this once - and it's only through emails, not even a face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversation. I scolded him (oppss. it's a 'him'. kantoi.) for this, this and that. A problem happened, and I'm raging out (actually silently, deep inside) on that day. Walking back from school with full anger and sit back writing a scariest email I ever wrote to a person.

After clicking the send button, I felt relieved. But not after a few hours later. My heart throbbed, my hands trembled. O God. The pissed-off feeling went away - leaving indescribable twinge inside. This is why I can't express my temper on people.

Thanks to Allah for a gift of 90% patience inside me. If you're a person who can't cope up or easily lose your temper, then I shall give you a little bit of guidance on how I'm dealing with this.

First, when engaging to a problematic person, you can try giving them a few hints. Body language, I mean. Show some signs that you hate the way they behave.

Second, tell them straight away. Only if you dare.

Third, I know this is easier said than done. Try to forgive. But it can be a hell no if it's going off the limits. 

Fourth, if you're caught up in a situation where by you and that person living in a room, stuck your ears with your earphones and higher the volume. Put on some hard musics. I preferred J-Rock. Some of you might thinking this is offensive, but it's true. I felt relieved somehow. No, no, no. You should listen to nasheed as well as Quranic verses. That's better. Chase away shaytaan around you.

Fifth, of course, wudhu' is always the best option on 'erasing' temper. 

Sixth, go somewhere else before something worse happen.


P/s: I detested women with loud voice. I mean it. It's way too annoying. Get yourself a room in the woods and howl your heart out. No one cares. But don't blame me if the beasts inside will rage on you, too.

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