Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Oh, Artwork-ing Addiction!

Salam alayk. Hey guys, do you see anything new on my blog layout? Currently, I tried to get back on my old hobby. Drawing. Yes, I do love drawing so much since I was a kid. Especially when it comes to anime-like artwork. But when I grew up, there's not much time to allocate on this drawing-thingy.

Since now I'm quite free, the exams was finished about two weeks ago and just waiting for my viva. 8 days to go. It's better doing some useful things to kill your time.

For this time, the artwork on the sidebar and on the header were fully drawn with Paint.NET software. I'm not doing it free-handedly. But with the help of this software. My bad, the eyes and hand were not my original sketch. I copied it from google, render the background and paste it on my custom drawing.

It's hard to admit, I'm sucks at drawing hands. Actually for the eye part, I can sketch it very well using regular 2B pencil, but not using software. It's freaking hard man!

Anyway, this is just a cheap artwork. I'm still newbie in this field.

P/s: they say that left-handed people have exceptional ability in art. I guess that's so true. Thank God for this gift! :)

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