Ahad, 10 Jun 2012

The Chemistry Graduates Guide 101


After a few months of hiatus from rigorous blogging activity, I am thinking of starting it all over again. Being a working women is pretty hard for your info. You may be thinking that after graduating from college/university, your are freed from those crazy, head-cracking exams, but working life is no better. There is more to it. It is more challenging yet stressful sometimes. However, it depends on your work environment for sure.

Graduating and entering the job field

It is good to hear that you have completed all of the university courses and subjects - when receiving your confirmation letter from the registrar saying that you are qualified to have your graduation/convocation day very soon, in few months ahead. In the mean time, you are already fired-up looking out for jobs - as a chemist or researcher, or anything related to chemistry.

In some cases, some chemistry graduates might opt to deviate from the field. It is your own decision. Your life is in your hands, you have the right to choose your own path. But don't you think it is such a waste when you are in 3 or 4-years of your tertiary education - taking chemistry - graduated and doing something else?

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