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Muslim Manga, Cartoon And Arts

Assalamualaikum and good day!

Dear readers, first of all I would to plead all of you to take a minute and pray for the recent earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Even though Japan is not a Muslim-majority nation, but Islam taught us to do good deeds for all mankind. The disastrous natural phenomenon had left detrimental effects on the land, which I stunned in dismay when the first time I saw the video in FB. Mashaallah. Allah is so great. Everything happen in His will.

I'm a huge fan of manga. And I read a lot of Japanese manga such as Naruto, Yakitate! Japan and Fullmetal Alchemist. Several days ago, I bumped into one website. I'm sure quite of you know Deviantart. A well-known website where, a community of artists and those devoted to arts.

Today I would like to share about Muslim manga. Or so-called Islamic arts. So how it differs from typical Japanese manga? Surely, this Muslim manga conveys a lot of Islamic values and storyline about doing kindness to others, Muslim marriage and so on.

Surprisingly, the art was so nice and cute. I'm totally in love with these drawings! Below is the listing of several websites and artist that I like and adore the most. Do visit them when you're free!

 - this is where I like the most! He'd made a lot of Islamic and interactive manga.

- one of the artwork from a young Muslim man from Indonesia.
Mashaallah. His drawing is absolutely stunning!

- cute Islamic artworks from Malaysian artist with beautiful advices and understandable guidelines,
especially for Muslims and also non-Muslims.

P/s: If you have another websites to be shared with, don't hesitate to tell other readers by leaving links in the comment form below! May Allah bless you and me, inshaallah! :)

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