Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

Mom & Dad, I Wanna Get Married

Actually in these couple of weeks, I've give it some thought.
I'm turning 23 this year. Yes, 23. It's a big number.
And the next - would be 24, 25, 26 and bla bla bla...

It's not that I'm totally into it.
Preparing, but not fully.
Surely but slowly. The clock's ticking.
Someday, I have to get married.
But anyhow, getting married is not an easy task.
People would rather say, "You have no money, no achievement, no job. Why bother to get married now?"
No, it's not the key point. The key is, how would you prepare yourself.

Few days back, I proposed this bizarre (is it?) idea to my clicks, Ida and Fara.
"Guys, how about on reserving a place for kursus kahwin before graduating? Doing it in campus is much cheaper than outside."
I tried to make my face as serious as possible, because surely they would laughed at me for proposing such an idea.
Yes, they laughed at me. No matter how serious I am.

Marriage means preparing yourself to a duo life.
Sharing your life with somebody you love (preferably, love after akad).

Get to know him/her deeply.
Calm their anxiousness.
Hold them tight in cold.
Tell them stories, cheering up their gloomy day.
Share the moods. Share the joy. Share everything.
Lying on their laps. Sleep and waking up seeing your loved ones.
Smiling faces everyday (even though it's a hard day)
It's like being in another dimension - a world where you and your lifelong partner try to survive with.

My biology teacher once said;
"Your life after getting married is totally out of your thinking before you get married. It's another world, another planet."
I grinned.

And this is what we call - fitrah.
Allah created this glorious feeling so that, people will be harmonized in this dunya.
Allah gave us this beautiful moment in life, so that our taqwa will be increased day by day.

In this short life, there is abundant of things that we have to discover.
So, when the right time comes, don't hesitate to love them with all of your heart.

To my dear future husband-to-be,
I don't know who you are, where you're from
But for you
I'm preparing myself
To be the best wife in the world, like Khadeeja to Rasulullah (p.b.u.h)
To be the best buddy in every good and bad times
To be the best mom for our future lovely kids

Please, realized my dream.
Hold my hand and walk with me until the end
Until jannah, for us to be met there once again
And forever being together..

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