Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

Covering The Chest Is The Best!

Salaamun alayk. Hey guys, recently I just found this so-called [WIR Campaign - Covering The Chest Is The Best!] on Sue Anna Joe's tumblr and her interesting blog too.

Honestly, I really love the image. The way it portrays...just nice and simple, yet so meaningful and understandable. Let's get back to basic, what are we wearing veils and hijab for. It's the matter of women's dignity and aurah.

Aurah comes from Arabic words, which means humility.

Wearing hijab is something that we have to accept about our religion. It's not just about covering our hair. It's also about embracing modesty as the way of life. Don't you think so?

So, let's check. Do our veils and hijab perfectly wore on top of our heads? Does it covers your neck and chest perfectly?

Transform yourself now! There's no second thoughts when doing good deeds! May Allah ease and bless all of us. InshaAllah. :)

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