Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

I'm Sorry, It's Way Too Personal

Assalamualaikum and good day to all my dear readers. Just a short mumbling here and there. The weather here in Penang is just nice, with bright sun as usual. But apparently there's slight cloudy at the back side of the hill. Yes, Minden hill I guess.

The personal thing that I would like to highlight here is about Facebook. Scrolling up and down the wall, my eyes catches a friend's status; 'deleting strangers and deactivate'. Hmm. Sounds intriguing. I clicked on my friend's list. And for sure, several of them I never knew who they were. I guess they just adding me randomly for the sake of increasing their friend's number.

After several thoughts, I decided to do the same thing. For me, FB is way too personal for people that you never knew. Strangers. You'll never know that they stalked you every single day, downloading your pictures, using your identity. Or even worse, if your mobile number is visible to others. There's just no way of privacy thingy in FB. Trust me.

Sorry to say, but I've deleted several friends, whom I never met and never knew. And also never interact with me. It could be some threats regarding these strangers later. And the possibilities of being threaten by them can be reduced or controlled by filtering those who adding you as your friend. Especially men.

Dear people, for me FB is just for the people that you know. Or at least you have met them in real world. Some guidelines and advices from me:

  • Beware of cyber crimes and identity theft. 
  • Think twice before adding and approving friend requests. 
  • Don't reveal your email address to public because hackers tend to use it to hack your account.
  • Check your privacy settings regularly.
  • Do not upload excessive photos, especially women.

That's all. Facebook is just too personal. For me at least. What say you?

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