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The Work

At first, I preferred of getting myself a job in Penang. I missed Penang so much and so the people that lived inside. Nevertheless, the place is small and surrounded by water feature. Reminiscing the good ol' days in university with friends made me realized that something had missing in my life - the fun. I missed my friends and my spring of youth so much!

After all, working life is not so bad. You have the money. You have the mobility to go everywhere you wish since now can afford your own transportation. But uh-huh, you don't really have the time to pamper yourself at home. Inhaling the morning breeze...lazying around watching your favorite show...sticking at the mirror finding imperfections on your face - only on weekends. Weekdays? Forget it.

Working around men

Women who are working in a technical department can be called as goddess or princess of awesomeness - since there is not much of them around. Mathematically, my department itself consists only three women (including myself) out of 20++ of other staffs - which all of them are male.

So inspired for an onsite job. Source.
While looking at myself that as shy as Hinata, I asked myself - can I do this? I was freaking nervous at first, and shy also. I don't even have the courage to look in their eyes more than 5 seconds while conversing. But after a couple of months, I think I have get used of it. No longer feeling 'eerie' when talking to them. Yeay!

Things being so hectic in this few weeks since a colleague went for an offshore job and won't be coming back until end of this month. Plus, my workmate also have to work on night-shift basis because of the on-going 24 hours crude oil distillation. Leaving me alone in the lab, staring at the chromatograms all day long. Huu.

Irony: 'Abang' vs 'Atuk'

Bear in mind that the person-of-this-subject never know about this. Hopefully he is not reading my blog. Haha. Let us have a good rewind in the early days of my high school age.

During the orientation week, we, juniors have been thought so well of not calling the seniors or in our language - budak putera - as abang. Never ever called an older budak putera as abang or you will be given a good 'chat' with kakak senior.

Coincidentally, there is one colleague that in the very first day I saw his name on the telephone extension list, I get the feeling that I know and ever heard this name somewhere. I told my sister to search his name on Ilham (our school mag) but the result was disappointing.

Wrong person I guess.

The next few days, I tried searching again on the Facebook and surprised! He was definitely my schoolmate! Haha. He was in Form 4 when I was in Form 1. I remembered his name because he is quite famous I think, even though I don't really remember what he did in school and who exactly he is.

Ironically, in school days you only can call them as atuk. And now they get 'younger' and you have to call them abang. Hahahaha. I can't stop giggling whenever I saw him. The atuk from my school days have changed to abang. Hahahahaha.


I love my job so much but sometimes, I am in a big dilemma. As a muslimah, there are boundaries between women and men. I strictly know and strongly hold onto my principles. I don't talk to men too often. Only when necessary. But some of my colleagues love to joke around and engage in small-talks.

The problem is; they always calling my name and want me to join them. And as usual, I refused and told that I am busy. I am not portraying myself as an ingénue but...I am just not into those activities. In their point of view, they must be thinking that I am unsociable. What to do?


Road to offshore - someday!

The untold future is still way long ahead. Still looking forward on good career advancement, topping-up assets and getting married as soon as possible. Haha. Last but not least;

Teenagers: You have the energy and time, but no money.
Adults: You have the money and energy, but no time.
Elders: You have the time and money, but no energy.

Moral of the story: Enjoy every bit of your life!

That's all for now. Got to go!

P/s: what a cheap entry this time.

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