Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011

Arise, Muslim Youngsters!

Salam alayk to my dear readers. It's the holy and barakah Jumu'ah again. Alhamdulillah, we're once again given the ni'mah from The Almighty Creator to sip the world's luxury. How's your imaan today?

My thoughts wandering about the young Muslims whereabout today. Especially in Malaysia. Don't we have more than 60% majority of Muslims in Malaysia? So why am I searching for young Muslims when we can see the existence of a huge number of Muslim community in Malaysia?

The answer is, the number of young Muslims that really understand the belief behind Islam itself. Most of them nowadays practically, take things for granted. Embracing Islam as the way of life apparently not the priority of these youngsters nowadays. By navigating away from the teachings, it is a sign that the end of dunya seemingly very near. The mother nature in on the verge of death.

Several fundamental things that I would like to take into account, very crucial for the development of these 'little khalifahs'.

  1. For a successful mind building for a best-quality Muslim, control your social life. Excessive entertainment in dunya without limits, Allah will 'entertain' you in hell.
  2. Couple? Only after akad. Don't mess your life with illegitimate babies that you'll throw/kill them away without hesitation.
  3. Hygiene. Pleaaaasssse...I pleaded you to not littering our earth with trash. This is so sad, even in my campus where all people is well-educated, but garbage was everywhere. So sick. For the eyes to see and for the mind to digest, why these so-called educated people keeps littering?
  4. Time. Wasting your time will make you cry in the future days later. Blame yourself when life gets hard, unemployed, family problems and numerous of sickening issues arise. Take time to learn and understand the life itself now. Early stage of life is not only for self-entertainment, but it reflects how you will deal and prepare with your hardness of your life will be later on.
  5. Bad mentality have to be erased in Muslim youth. Immediate wave of change can save the ummah from deteriorating.

    So Muslim youth around the world, arise! Wake up from your dreams!

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