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My trip to SG during last January

Couple of days ago, I texted a friend - an ex colleague of mine. If it wasn't due to some kind of strange dream about him, I wouldn't dare to text him. Apparently, my senior colleague also had the same dream which gave us quite a goosebump. He wore the same white shirt in our dreams, was somewhere near mountains and appeared to be speechless. I chuckled a bit the moment my senior told that the dream was ominous in her customary. Something bad might happen.

Before he resigned, he told me about his plan on visiting Latin American countries. That might takes him a few months, on a solo travel. He's aiming for Indian region after finishing this Latino trip. He wasn't a chatterbox and a weirdo in the office but I turned out to be someone that he can have a chat with ha ha.

The moment he replied, I felt relieved. So he survived and laughed over the dream stuff. He currently in Guatemala, on his 5th month of his solo trip. I advised him that he should blog the photos and stories somewhere so that I can read. He told me that the trip was fascinating, he'd met different kind of people along his journey, which contradicts so much of his character that we everyday see in the office.

Why contradicts? Because he was a stubborn, silent, argumentative and not a friendly person. Some say he's difficult to work with because of his nature (we are in different department, so I can't really judge).

Why weirdos? Because he walks to office (distance from his home to office is about 2km). He don't own any car/motorbike, except a bicycle that he bought not long after that. He commuted daily on a bicycle. He used an old-school mobile phone (just bought a smartphone recently!). Never had any social media accounts. Never go out for lunch (a vegetarian, eats whatever drinks or condiments served in pantry) while reading a book. He surf whatever he wants (comics and stuff), even-though his cubicle was exactly in front of the bosses' rooms. His monthly wage only went to home (or room?) rental, a small portion to food and some other stuffs. So you do the math of how much he can save in a year with that kind of lifestyle (say he's been working for 5 yrs).

He paid all his study loans (both 1st degree and masters) within a year (if i'm not mistaken).

I was wondering hasn't he worry to look for jobs after the trip? It seems that his previous company (before joining ours) kept asking him to rejoin. Well, that can be some sort of comforting for being away so long on a trip.

He got some guts. Really. I mean it.

Not everyone can repel the temptation to spend on the latest smartphones, designer bags, hipster cafès and imported cars. The least, you'll have to fork out some sum to own a motorcycle just to avoid being drenched in sweat by walking to office. But not in his case.

Why I choose to tell this?
  1. Only super hard work can put you where you want to be, even if it cost you everything.
  2. Live your life to the limit, unleash everything that holds you back in life.
  3. You can achieve your dream alone. But if you got friends and family along, its even better.
  4. There is a fine line between a normal and abnormal behaviour. Doesn't mean everyone is doing it, you have to do it. Do whatever you want to do, as long as you don't harm other people.
  5. Always be kind to people. You can be a peculiar person but just avoid annoying people. Don't forget to human. You can learn so much lesson from human interactions.
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