Ahad, 30 Disember 2012

Negative Mentality


Sometimes, the feeling of wanting to turn back time is killing me, a lot. Adulthood is a time where you starts decorating your own life with your own whim, and the thought of living like a hikikomori is nearly impossible. Yet, you have to mingle around with a variety of individuals.

I, do have the affinity (even not that strong) to be affected by negatively emotional people around. Even though it seems that I don't care with what were they thinking, but bit by bit, I did. I'm so stressed out. I've list'em below, and I am truly unhappy with these.

1) I got brainy ideas, why don't they just shut up and take my advice?

Yes, I really do respect you for your ideas. It's hard to admit, but most of your ideas are amazing. But if you keep whining and whining and whining every single day, please pack your stuffs up, go back home. You're doing it wrong. Do it the correct way, you brainy fella!

2) Backstabbing is my specialty. Wanna try some?

You seems so kind. Yet, you have your own trick up your sleeves. Sometimes, I was fooled by the drama played in front of me. Never mind, I vow you for your great art performance but I never put my weapons down, though.

3) I was naturally-born with a negatively-ill mind. Every single thing is wrong to me. I need to critic. Critics are the essentials of my life!

Criticism is good, I'd tell you. As long as it does not slanders anyone, then you're safe. But don't you think that you have anything to critic on yourself, for example your act of bad-mouthing people, perhaps? I thought that would be a good point.

4) Here I come, the Great Dementor. I will suck out your happiness with my demoralized stance.

Wake up, o-Great Dementor-wannabe. Get fired-up, please! You are demotivating everyone with your act, your speech and your stance. Even a Dementor is not wishing to be created as Dementor. They deserve a happy life, as well as you, too!

5) Get clumsy, and affect others too. Feels sorry to much for the thing that I don't have to. Thinks too much and too deep, leaving a feeling of half-crazy inside.

Sad to say, this is the one that I hate the most with myself. Hopes no one is in the same boat with me.


In the nutshell, every problem have a solution. My sincere advise to you:

  • To the Brainy Fellas
Channel your ideas in a correct way and manners. If plan A does not work out, you have 24 more alphabets! Work out your plan until plan Z! Don't forget to make du'a, may Allah ease your path. And...be calm. Haste lead to waste. Good thing comes to those who wait.

  • To the Backstabbers
Backstabbing people isn't going to get you anywhere. People like you must be hiding some  stinky agenda somewhere. Make your life easier, buddy. You won't get any credits for backstabbing people. In fact, you're just revealing what kind of person you are. And of course, the nasty one.

  • To the Critics
What actually you feel after criticizing other people? A sense of accomplishment? Is that so? You should learn putting yourself in other people's shoes. You don't have to feel that perfect to criticize all people that you see. It's just not good for...your perfectionism because people who loves to criticize others is rather imperfect than average people. In other precise word, you are insecure!

  • To the Great Dementor
Sometimes I just don't know how to deal with this people. I rather walk away or start a chat with my inner self.

  • To me
Now that I'm writing this post, I knew that I was engulfed in a negative atmosphere and dark emotion. Or...am I just that super-sensitive?

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