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Play Cook-Cook


As a fresh kick-start for 2012, I decided to stuff in some fresh 'ingredients' as well as (unfortunately) not-so-fresh recipes in this blog.

No love is more sincere than the love of food - this saying had moved me a lot. I got it when watching Asian Food Channel (AFC). Honestly, I feel I am the happiest woman in the world when I'm in the kitchen. I love food and I love cooking (despite of my petite anatomy). Cooking is such a great and tremendous stress reliever for me. I am never a good cook, but I'm progressing. Practices just the best way. And not forgetting your passion, because it's your only trump card when things go wrong. Okay, let me show you my so-called 'masterpieces'.

1. Charcoal chocolate cake.

This is the first time my experience of baking a (supposed-to-be) moist chocolate cake. As predicted, it turned out to be a bad cake enough to be called a charcoal. Yes, I baked a charcoal! Huu. No right mixture of ingredients, temperature imbalance; I'm very sure of it.

It took several days for me to 'get rid' of this cake. But anyway, this cake is quite crispy and chocolatey right after it gets out of the oven.

Even though you are using the finest ingredients (I used Vochelle cocoa powder and Buttercup unsalted butter), but if you know nothing about baking, then there's no point of using it.

Creative side: I put stripes of Choki-Choki chocolate candy on top. You can see the traces of the melted chocolate appears on it's surface. Should I scream in joy saying "Umm...yummy!" when it's not yummy at all? How sad...

2. Banana milkshake with vanilla ice-cream

The name has a nice ring to it despite of it's awful taste.Huu.
One of my madness in cooking is, the mad recipe. Not really mad, but weird - what my mom says. We Malaysians are not so familiar with milkshake thingy, as well as variety of uncommon fruit juices like tropical fruits. To be exact; banana.

In my backyard, there are plenty of fruit trees planted by my father years ago. Abundant of bananas, rambutan, coconut trees, mangosteen (now the tree had been chopped down) and few herbs like lemon grass and galingale (lengkuas) and tapioca.

Well, it is sad to see bananas go to waste. So, I decided to make a healthy nutritious drink. The ingredients are:

Banana - as much as you like. I put about 3-4 bananas inside the blender.
1 glass of milk (approx. 250mL)
Few scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

Blend them until it mashed together. The mixture of this milkshake is pretty thick, depending on the amount of banana that you use. So, be reasonable. While drinking off this thing in delight, I couldn't agree more that the taste is awful. Yeah, that's why it is nutritious don't it?

3. Baked Maggi

Mom says this is too spicy for her. Next time I should
lessen the amount of curry powder mix and less
black pepper. Sadly, no cheese.
I have started the previous version of this with pasta. It was a baked cheese macaroni. But to made it so frequently, it requires a lot of fulus.

Since cheese is not a Malaysian staple, so it is not cheap. I bought a Kraft cheddar cheese for about RM 11.00 per bar. And there's also not many cheese type to choose. I would rather prefer Parmesan than cheddar, because of it's springy feel. Macaroni is not a problem since it is quite cheap.

So this time, I tried to do a makeover with Malaysia's all-time favorite instant noodle - Maggi. A few people called this as pizza maggi. Some called it as maggi bakar. Whatever. As long as the outcome is great, the name does not matter at all.

After searching the recipe, I found ZalizaZakaria's blog and get things done in the kitchen. Thanks for the recipe Sis! Just click on the link and give it a try. It worth an effort and deserves a thumbs up.

4. Royal Korean dish: Boiled eggs?

Haha. This is the most ridiculous thing that I ever done. While watching a Korean drama series 'Jewel in The Palace', I came across a scene where the court lady is preparing a dish for the emperor. It's unique by the way.

Their version is just as simple as boiling the egg white on a customized egg-boiler. It's a very Korean style anyways.

For my version, just a mere egg plus salt and pepper. Red-lining of ketchup and mayo on top. After beating the mixture, boil them until it hardened. The taste is so-so. I would never do this again. Hihi.

P/s: Banyak main duk dapur. Tak puas lagi main masak-masak mase kecik-kecik dulu. Hehe.

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